I'm Füzes Marcell and I'm currently working as Technical Animator at Digic Pictures in Hungary.

My main responsibilities as Technical Animator are creating cloth and hair simulation for characters in Maya.
I'm also writing Python tools for the Simulation unit to streamline the work and automate repetitive tasks this enables
our team to focus more on the artistic site of the simulation.

In my free time I enjoy learning Computer Science related topics and enhance my knowledge about programming.
Currently I'm learning C++ in my free to get a better understanding of low level programming and be able to write plugins for Maya.
I'm following the Handmade Series and I only can recommend it: Handmade Hero

When I find the time I also try to educate myself in 3D related mathematics which is useful for rigging and scripting.
For anyone interested I can recommend the book: Mathematics for Computer Graphics

Besides this I love MMA and playing horror games